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The qualified, dedicated craftsman at Local 19 have the highest standards in the Mechanical and Industrial Insulation industry. They are a member of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers, an international organization that demands unparalleled professionalism and expertise. Local 19 meets the responsibilities of the "Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct" (PCCC), a program that promotes jobsite excellence and customer satisfaction. Their duty as members of the PCCC is a job built on time, under budget, and built right the first time.

Local 19 requires a paid four year apprenticeship program that includes the most technical and current education available in the industry, along with the standards of the PCCC. Our constantly upgraded curriculum includes every improvement in industry standards, along with 'hands-on' experience with mechanical and industrial equipment. Our apprenticeship program offers the contractor a pool of qualified, skilled workers that who deliver the industry's most superior service.

Comprehensive training on Firestop methods and systems is also required for Local 19's apprenticeship program. The precise components and installment procedures of Firestop systems ensures that a building and its employees are protected in the occurrence of a fire.

Local 19 helps expand the business of member contractors by allowing them to take advantage of our marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts. The client receives information about the importance of mechanical and industrial insulation as well as Firestop systems. This information strongly confirms and explains the importance of mechanical and industrial insulation as well as Firestop installation. Proven profit, performance, employee safety, and property damage prevention will make an impression on any prospective clients. Let Local 19's valuable information, expertise, and professionalism increase business and provide more lucrative returns.

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