Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this newsletter finds you and your families safe and healthy. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and did the right thing by social distancing yourselves to keep you and your families safe.

This pandemic has, unfortunately, been getting worse rather than better throughout the country. We have been ‘locked down’ of sorts for quite a while now, and I know that many of us, me included, are getting a bit restless. With vaccines coming, and with the more doctors and scientists learn how to combat and treat this thing, much brighter days are ahead. We have had many members contract the virus, thankfully the majority were able to recover rapidly, but we have had some members who have struggled mightily with it. This virus has so many different symptoms and effects, and it is totally unique to every person who contracts it. Most have just a few of the symptoms, while others have the works. For some, their symptoms are mild, and for others they are brutal. It affects each individual person differently. From talking to many of our members who have had it, and from my own personal experience with it, I can honestly say I would not wish it on anyone. So please take the necessary precautions, wear your masks, wash your hands, and social distance whenever possible. Keep your family and friends safe.

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope things find all of you well. 2020 has brought about some major changes in the way we been conduct business and in our everyday lifestyles. We hope that 2021 will bring about some normalcy. Unfortunately, some of our fellow members have seen the pandemic firsthand, and I hope all will take heed and continue to be safe.

As we look forward to returning to normal life, we have rescheduled some of the events that were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. For 2021 we have scheduled our Local 19 family camp outing. Dates for this will be Aug. 27th – 29th, at Riverbend Campground. Saving Able will be the sponsored band for that weekend. Anyone who wishes to camp should let me know, as usual we are taking first come first served for reserving campsites. This past year, due to the pandemic, all activities were cancelled that were scheduled for our camp weekend. We hope to have things back to normal for the 2021 outing.

As with the rest of you it’s been a strange year working in and out of the Union office building. We had some short term unemployment and had a half dozen apprentices off that only lasted a month or two then we started putting on apprentices on a weekly bases replacing guys that were retiring for reasons that seemed to be partly due to the pandemic.

Classes started back up in September and we have been spraying the building with “Pure FX” from Jensen Equipment that kills Covid as well as E. coli,, staph, and Listeria and wear masks while social distancing. So far we have done well and don’t see any spreading in the school. We did have two apprentices that were in class that contacted Covid, they sat out 14 days then returned.

Greeting Brothers and Sisters

I hope this letter finds you all healthy and safe. These truly are different times we’re living in. To all of you who have been affected by this terrible virus you have my greatest sympathy my family has had its own battles with it thankfully my brothers only had mild symptoms my sister in-laws father was not so lucky.  We only expected the international to skip a month or two of monthly meetings I do not believe anybody could’ve expected anything like is. We currently have around 18 members out of work, the outlook for the  winter looks typical for our local at this time of year with good work coming next year.

 If you are currently off work and are looking to travel, I can put you to work in Pittsburgh on the large oil refinery project they have going. They are currently working    4/ 10’s and 2/ 8’s and paying $77 per day travel we have a handful of guys on the project. On a brighter note we had a very successful fall election cycle with the passing multiple School referendum which will put our members to work over the next few years. Madison Metro School district referendum was for $350 million dollars for plumbing, heating & cooling      improvements in all four high schools a new elementary school just off Rimrock Road and the beltline. 

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